Getting started with OUYA

Aug. 20, 2014, 12:09 p.m.

The aim of this book it to describe the OUYA console and how to start a project with it.
For people how don’t know the console, OUYA is based on Android 4.1. So you must know how Android work before starting any project with OUYA, and you also need to install all the prerequisites witch are describe in the second chapter of this book.

To come back to this book, I was really disappointed by this one.
There is no real game example, and all the informations finds in this book are for beginners, and can be found on the internet. Moreover, the half of this book focus on the configuration and the prerequisites. The other one is about the OUYA business model (free to play games).

Compare to the previous book that I’ve read, this one is just empty. You just can’t start a project from scratch on OUYA with just contained in this book.
From my point of view, this book is made to promote OUYA, by describing his abilities, but not how to use them.

To conclude, this book is for beginners who want to have all informations in a single place, instead of multiple website, to install and configure OUYA.

This book can be found here: